8 Laws Of Health That Will Lead To Happiness – Prosperity & Long Life

This country, the US, was founded on freedom. Our creator gave us the freedom to choose our own will as well, but with that freedom comes great responsibility. You and I are free to own and drive a car, own a fire arm, free to shop where ever we wish etc…but when we abuse those things, like drive 103 miles an hour down the road, use the fire arm to threaten or kill someone, steal the merchandise from the stores…our freedom is revoked by those in charge of carrying out the law, and rightfully so. You wouldn’t have freedom to live very peacefully if your neighbor was a known thief, sex offender or murderer, would you? How free do you feel with drunk drivers on the same road as you?

Laws are in place to give us freedom, not restrict us. Besides the 10 laws or commandments given to us by God in Exodus chapter 20 to give us freedom from harm, He also gave us 8 health laws so that we could be free from disease and free to live a productive, happy, healthy, long life. The difference between the law of man and the health laws of God is, there aren’t any policemen that come and arrest us for breaking those health laws, we simply forfeit our good health.

Before the flood, man lived to be over 900 years old. Methuselah lived to be 969, Gen. 5:27 and if you study the people in those days, they didn’t die of the chronic degenerative diseases like we are today. When their life was over, they just went to sleep, if they weren’t killed in battle first.

Now you and I aren’t going to live to be 969 years old, no matter what we do. Besides, living longer isn’t the real objective. We don’t know when our time is up anyway. The real objective here is to find the true, achievable ways to improve our health so that we can live out our days, however many that may be, more abundantly.

When you bought your automobile, an owners manual came with it. That owner’s manual gives you specific instructions as to what fuel, oil, parts etc…to use in order for that machine to run at peak performance for many years to come. Now you wouldn’t put water in the fuel tank or soda pop in place of the oil would you? Of course you wouldn’t.

So who sold you on the idea of putting poison in your body…long term on top of that?

Did that person create your body? Did they tell you it would heal your disease? No, they didn’t because medicines don’t heal, your body does the healing. Just go to the doctor with a broken bone and ask him to heal you. All he can do is give you some pain killers, set your arm in a cast and send you home. Your body does the healing, if it has what it needs in the way of nutrition and is not too broken down by disease. In that case, you have some restoration work to do, (quit putting water in the gas tank and soda pop in the oil tank…start following the 8 laws of health) not just take more medications. That is the way we were created in the beginning and nothing has changed, even though there are those in the pharmaceutical industry who would, out of greed, have you believe otherwise. Don’t get the wrong idea, our creator also gave us the gift of understanding about the body and how to fix it in the event of a accident. I am grateful for all the wonderful hard working doctors, but…

Based on the Bible and my studies, I believe we were not meant to live on medications and I think common sense would tell you that as well. All pharmaceutical medications are poisons. If you don’t believe me, just try taking too many and see what happens. No, don’t go do that, because you know that you will get very sick or die if you do. Now that doesn’t mean that using medication to save your life isn’t in order from time to time, it simply means we are not designed to put those medications or poisons into our system long term.