Beauty Photography: Guide

What is Beauty Photography?

Beauty photography is a type of photography that focuses on close-ups of subjects to highlight their beautiful features. This can be used for editorial, commercial, and personal purposes. This genre allows photographers to use their subjects to communicate a specific emotion to the viewer. It can be happiness, innocence, seduction or even sadness, depending on the theme of the shoot. Beauty portraits can be captivating from an artistic perspective or highlight specific products such as makeup, skincare, hair accessories or jewelry.


  1. Beauty photographers strive to capture beautiful close-up images of their subjects. These are some of the top tips for capturing beautiful images.
  2. Choose a confident model. Choose a confident model who is strong-willed, confident, and has the right attitude to capture the emotions you want. You should choose a model who is comfortable with the camera and can follow directions.
  3. A creative team is essential. Makeup and hairstyles are the most important aspects of this type of photography. You should not rely on models to style their hair. To prepare your model, dedicate a portion of your budget for hiring a professional hairstylist and makeup artist who specialize in beauty photography. They will be able to recommend the best products and ensure your model is ready for your shoot.
  4. Prepare your gear. Make a list of everything you need to be ready for the shoot. You should prepare your equipment at least one day in advance. Make sure you check your list and mark each item as you go. Then, place all your gear in a prominent spot in your home. If possible, bring extra batteries, a monopod and bulbs.
  5. Create a moodboard. A mood board can be a useful tool to help you plan and organize the visual elements of your shoot. You can add color palettes, backgrounds of different colors, lighting setups and wardrobe to your mood board. So that all are aware of the overall visual style, share your mood board with stylists and models.
  6. Make sure you have the correct settings and camera settings. A macro lens and a high-resolution camera are essential for beauty photography. Macro lenses are a special type of lens that can focus very close to the subject and produce a 1:1 (life-size!) reproduction. The right settings allow you to see all the details of the subject, such as the intricateness of their jewelry or the texture of their skin. If you are shooting a beauty shoot, whether for skincare products, jewelry, or liquid foundation, this level of clarity is crucial.