What you need to know about “Cricket Roof”

As we have already mentioned, chimneys are an important part of a roof and should be protected. Roofs can be costly to replace so you want them to last as long as possible. You want water to flow off the roof in a way that doesn’t cause damage inside your home. Other names for cricket roof include chimney saddles and chimney diverters.

How the Cricket Roof Works?

On the back side, the roofer constructs the roof cricket. Next, the roofer adds the roofing materials to the top. This could be asphalt shingles or other roofing materials. Depending on the homeowner’s budget, metal flashing may be added to the top of the roof. Roofers make the roof cricket at an angle as part of the construction and installation process for the chimney flashing. Roof cricket must be on a slope so that water doesn’t get to the top.

Are Roofs Required?

Roof crickets are not necessary on every roof that has a chimney. It all depends on the building codes. According to Up.codes, Florida.

On the ridge side or penetrations greater than 30 inches (762mm) in width, a cricket or saddle must be installed. Sheet metal or the same material used for the roof covering shall be used to cover the cricket or saddle.


As construction is crucial, this is the time to hire a professional. These are not usually available at your local hardware store and should not be installed by someone who isn’t trained. This is why it is important to hire a roofer. The roofer will build the roof and ensure that it fits each home.

How much should it cost? Although the price of a roofer’s roof can vary, most roofers charge around $100 for the roof cricket. Then there is the labor cost and the time required to install it. It will cost more if you add flashing or shingles to the roof. Are you thinking about reflashing your chimney? Sometimes, the roof cricket is included in the price.

Inspection of the Cricket Roof and Chimney

It is vital to inspect the chimney at least once per year. If the materials are not in good condition, there may be leaks. Summer is a good time to perform maintenance. You can prepare the chimney for winter and fall. You should inspect more than just the chimney. Are you unsure where to begin? You can use this checklist to inspect your roof.

It is also important to check inside your home for water stained ceilings. It could be caused by water coming in from the roof or other problems. To determine the reason, it is important to have an expert inspect it.