Getting Intellectual Property Advice That Counts

In order to prevent your special idea or invention from being stolen by another or possibly devaluing it you need to know how to use intellectual property law properly. The legal frameworks contained within this area of law are complex but are there to help you.

However, this area of the law can be very complicated and it is important to have the right Intellectual Property advice from specialist solicitors with the necessary expertise and experience in this field and to get it at an early stage.

Choosing the right type of protection.

When it comes to protecting your work there are a number of variations of IP when to property protection that could be used, and specialist intellectual property solicitors will be able to tell you exactly which one you need to use in order to ensure that you have watertight cover for total peace of mind. You should remember that whilst there are four main types of IP protection, in some cases it may be appropriate to use more than one of these and even to use all of them to ensure that your work is safeguarded against IP infringement.

The four main types of IP protection are:

Design Rights: This form of protection is aimed at protecting the visual appearance of an object or creation, such as the shape and other aspects of its appearance.

Copyright: This type of protection covers a range of different areas/work, ranging from written creations and recordings to artwork and photographs, to name but a few.

Patents: The form of cover is designed to protect the processes that make something work as well as the methods that are used to make a creation work.

Trademarks: A trademark is a symbol, such as a brand name or logo that makes goods or services easily distinguishable from other similar goods and services.

Your intellectual property solicitors will not only determine which of these is the most appropriate for you but will also ensure that it is put into place as quickly as possible. The different variations of IP protection are all designed to safeguard against infringement and IP crime. This includes piracy, counterfeiting, plagiarism, using your work without your permission, etc. If anyone infringes your IP once this protection is in place your solicitors will then be able to provide appropriate intellectual property advice on the right action to take, which could include a simple letter asking infringes to desist, negotiation for sale or license of some or all of your rights to the infringer, dispute resolution out of court or going through the courts.