Hiring a Military Lawyer to Fight Your Divorce Case

If you are serving in the armed forces and unfortunate circumstances have led you to the gates of divorce with your spouse then you should hire an expert Military Lawyer to represent your case. This is necessary since the military has different rules in divorce matters and only a lawyer well-versed with these rules can enable you to get a quick and painless divorce.

All aspects related to a divorce right from alimony, child custody, child support, etc are different as they need to consider the special needs of your service requirements as well as those of your spouse. Your lawyer should have sufficient knowledge on military retirement benefits in divorce and disposable retirement income as these issues will certainly come up during divorce proceedings.

In addition several benefits including health benefits will also need to be considered once you are granted a divorce from your spouse. The military court will decide if your spouse is entitled to an extension of those benefits after the divorce. The continuation or dispersion of such benefits will depend on the tenure of your marriage, among other factors. The laws governing such benefits are quite complex, and only an experienced and expert Military Lawyer can ensure that your rights are not compromised in any way. Similarly, if you have any children then you might need to pay for child-support and an experienced lawyer can ensure that you or your spouse pay the right amount for the future of your child or children.

You should remember though that your military pay will certainly be garnished or cut in case you fail to honor your commitment of supporting your child financially. If you are on active duty when you are served with divorce papers from your spouse then you could get an extension of around 2 months after you return from active duty. You can now use that time to seek out an expert divorce lawyer that is well-versed in military divorce rules. You should certainly take referrals from friends or family and should also ask the potential lawyer to provide a few testimonials to ensure that you are in the right hands. A divorce can be quite painful and a lawyer that does not comprehend the difference in civilian and military divorce rules can only add to that pain.

Your lawyer should also have specific knowledge on divorce laws in your own state since the case will certainly involve civilian courts. Your lawyer should be in tune with the latest amendments in military as well as civilian divorce laws. If you have short-listed a lawyer over the internet then you should make sure to visit that lawyer personally and ask questions about his or her knowledge about military divorce laws before you hire him or her. This will enable you to start out on a firm footing and quickly close the painful chapter of your life.

If you are serving in the armed forces and need to get divorced from your spouse then hiring an expert Military Lawyer that has a deep understanding of military and civilian divorce laws will help you to get a fair deal regarding child benefits, pensions and division of assets, among other aspects of divorce. You should cross-check all references related to your lawyer before you hire him or her to represent you during this traumatic period.