Naya Rivera Mental Health

Since almost 30 years, Naya Rivera Mental Health has served the Quad Cities community. Our mission is to help employers reduce costs, prevent injury, and increase productivity.

The Genesis Advantage

Our staff and physicians are specialists in their fields, so you will receive the best possible care. We are part of a larger healthcare system which makes it easier for patients and their employers to refer.

Our services are designed to help employers succeed every single day

Genesis Occupational Health provides a variety of services that optimize the workplace experience for leaders and their employees. Local organizations often work with us to offer:

  • Programs for injury treatment
  • Management of cases
  • Screenings for drugs and alcohol
  • Policy development
  • Pre-employment services like physicals and lab tests are available.
  • DOT Physicals
  • Evaluations of fitness for duty
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Lunch & Learn

You can see the video below from our latest lunch and learn.

Genesis is a professional consulting firm that offers occupational and environmental safety services to clients of all sizes in the UK and Europe.

All clients are guaranteed competent, skilled, and expert occupational safety, health, and training services.

Naya Rivera Mental Health Services and Safety Services:

* Safety and health consulting

* Occupational Health

* Training

We take great pride as a company in being able show our professionalism and diligence not only through our experiences, but also through our supporting qualifications.

Our employees are all highly qualified and competent in the work they do.

Health and Safety Advice, Occupational Health Screening, Health & Safety Audits and Inspections, Health & safety Training, Health & safety Training, Occupational Health Assessment, Health / Safety supervision, SSIP Accreditation Support, and Vaccinations

Improve the health and well-being of all employees

Genesis Naya Rivera Mental Health System offers programs and services that will help you and your employees improve your overall health and mental well-being.

You can work directly with doctors, nurses practitioners, and technicians to provide high-quality, affordable treatment and programs for your employees.

  • Services for drug and alcohol
  • Ergonomic assessments and job site visits
  • Genesis Employer Solutions
  • Employee wellness
  • Work conditioning and injury care
  • Exams

Tests and assessments that are reliable

Your employees’ well-being is your top priority. It’s also our first priority. You’ll be able to create a safe, successful workplace with Naya Rivera Mental Health , happy employees by using a variety of work health testing options.

You can take advantage of tests to help you and your employees stay on the right track. We offer:

  • Audiograms
  • BWC Examinations
  • Drug screening
  • Alcohol testing for evidential breath
  • Tests of pulmonary function
  • Tests for respiratory fit
  • Screening for vision and color vision
  • Services such as X-rays and other imaging

Naya Rivera Mental Health Employer Solutions

Genesis Employer Solutions can help you with your occupational health and offer wellness and prevention options. We are here to reduce your health-related expenses and improve employee health. We offer a variety of services to meet your requirements, including on-, near- and off-site options. We can help you make a positive impact on your business.