Licences, and other forms of “official permission”

Young people can find activity centres in their communities

To operate a centre that offers the following activities to children and young adults under 18, a license is required:

  • Caving
  • Except for purpose-designed structures, climbing is not allowed.
  • trekking (including walking, pony-trekking, mountain biking, off-piste skiing)
  • Water sports
  • Acupuncture

Before an acupuncturist is allowed to practice, a license must be obtained from the local authority.

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Owning an air gun with a self-contained cartridge of gas is an offense without a certificate

It will be an offense to possess or use any air weapon after 31 December 2016, unless you are exempt. Police Scotland can issue a license.

Alcohol (sale)

A licence is required for any voluntary organization that wants to sell alcohol at events. Organizations without a arbitrator license must apply to the licensing board of the local authority for an occasional licence that will allow the sale alcohol rehab at the event. An organisation can only issue one occasional license per year. A premises license holder, such as a hotel owner, must have an occasional licence to sell alcohol outside of their licensed premises.

If you have grounds to complain to the licensing board, you can file an objection to applications for alcohol licences.

Contact your local licensing board for more information on drinking alcohol licensing.

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Amateur radio

Before a license can be issued, a practical training course or examination must be completed. There are several types of amateur licenses. Contact:

Amusement machines

You will need a permit or license. You should apply to the licensing board of your local authority.


Individuals who wish to keep dangerous wild tundra animals at their homes must obtain a license from the local authority.

Bingo clubs

Sometimes, registration or licensing may be required. Members of the public can play bingo for entertainment purposes, and not for profit. However, each player must make a single payment of no more than PS4 per person as an entry fee or stake. The total value of prizes won during the entertainment cannot exceed PS400. These conditions may not be met and a license for a bingo club from your local authority licensing board is required. A certificate from Gaming Board for Great Britain or, in the case of members’ clubs, registration by the Sheriff Clerk’s Office may also be required.

Names for businesses

You can contact the Companies House to find out if a limited company has used a specific name. (See under Companies for address).

Butchers’ shops

Butcher shops that sell unwrapped and ready-to-eat meats from the same premises require an annual license at a cost of PS100. This type of license is not required for premises that sell only raw meat. For more information, contact your local authority or Food Standards Agency:

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