Taking better “Pregnancy Couples Photography”

A friend recently asked me for some tips on how to shoot maternity sessions.I began to brainstorm ideas and decided to compile them all into one place. Pregnancy Couples Photography Belly shots have always been a favorite of mine for many reasons. They’ve had a bad reputation over the years, and we’ve all seen the “what not to do” images on the funny websites. But they can also be so beautiful.

It’s a time full of excitement, anticipation, and change. All of these should be documented. It’s so nice to have the subject take direction. It’s also a great time to meet new parents before working with their newborn.

Pregnancy Couples Photography Maternity sessions with other children (especially toddlers!) are another ballgame… but these tips may still apply!

  • Photographing Pregnancy Couples: Angles and Posing
  • Flattering a mom and her baby belly should be on your to-do list.
  • There are many ways that women can have a baby. One mom might have a great idea, but it may not work for another.
  • These are some great angles and poses for pregnant couples photography mommies (and daddy).
  • It is very normal for her to want touch her bump! This can be very effective in drawing attention towards her belly and giving her somewhere to place her hands.
  • Mix it up and touch her hair, in pockets, or on the hips.
  1. UP HIGH
  • Stand on something or bring a stool to your session if you are able. A great way to flatter your subject is to have a larger belly.
  • Be creative! You can have your subject(s), lie down on a blanket or quilt so that you can take photos from the top. The ability to get up high can reduce any parts of your body that have grown larger during pregnancy.
  • Make sure she doesn’t look down at her belly with her head tilted in a strange angle. It can make it look unnatural and cause double chins. Keep her eyes on something slightly farther from her bump.
  • Eye contact is important and smile often. Everyone loves classic shots like this. Varietate expressions, from laughter to more intense.
  • It’s great to have the dad of the baby stand behind me or on my side (just like a child session) and tell silly jokes or dances. It’s good practice for the future!
  • For couples, a fun trick is to “squeeze all of the air out” between them.
  • He should touch her as often as possible. Take full body, half-body and close ups of the two of them together.
  • You can do basic couple poses here. If your belly gets in the way, just move on. giggle.
  • Straight on Pregnancy Couples Photography
  • It all depends on how big the bump is and what clothes she’s wearing. Get a straight-on shot if you think you can tell mama that she is pregnant.
  • Twisting to the side is a good option for pregnant moms. However, she doesn’t need to turn her back completely. 45deg angles are also possible.
  • Pregnancy Couples Photography tend to stand more flattering than standing, but you want them to look relaxed and comfortable in their poses. Tell them to bend a knee or to pop a hip.
  • It is possible to sit, but it can also be done. I recommend this when photographing a family or couple. Be extra careful with your angles.