Central Ohio seems to get her fair share rainy weather. Heavy rain is not good for your Water Works Plumbing system. It can cause many problems, particularly when it comes to your pipes. Flooding and backdrafting are both caused by excessive water backing up in your sewer lines. This can lead to flooding and dangerous chemicals as well as gallons of wasted water.

Water Works Plumbing can be maintained to ensure that it is fully functional and stays in good condition. If heavy rains are expected, homeowners and business owners should be ready to deal with flooding and backups. There are effective ways to identify and fix any potential hazards around your property.

Backdraft is when negative air pressure in a building or home draws chemicals and gases into it from a Water Works Plumbing drain system. This drain system is usually backed up by rainwater. This can lead to the spread of dangerous and unpleasant odours throughout your home, including explosive methane gas.

Back drafting can be caused by low air pressure in your home. This can also be accelerated when you have wet weather. Negative air pressure in your home can be caused by the following:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen exhaust fans
  • Fireplaces
  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Tight Building Construction

Water Works Plumbing exhaust systems and vents are often installed too close to doors, windows, soffit vents, vents, or bathrooms/kitchen vents. It is important to ensure that your exhaust and ventilation systems are clean and properly installed in order to reduce negative air pressure. This is particularly important when sewer gas reentry is more severe during storm drain flooding, rain, and sewer.

Heavy rainfall can not only cause new problems but it can also worsen existing plumbing issues. An inspection of the entire system is a great way for you to find any problems before they become major. This will ensure that small issues don’t turn into big headaches. To avoid major problems, make sure your Water Works Plumbing system is inspected regularly. Although heavy rain can lead to many household problems, it is possible to prevent or limit them with proper maintenance. An easy inspection can save your home from more costly and time-consuming damages.

Winter will put a lot of strain on your plumbing. This is holiday season, and guests may be more likely to waterworks your home. Guests may cause the problem by unwittingly adding to it if the pipes are already blocked.

Additionally, pipes can crack or leak if they get too cold. These are some tips to help prevent water from freezing and expanding in your Water Works Plumbing system.