Who Is a Personal Injury Lawyer and how can he assist us?

Understanding personal injury as a concept

“Personal injury” is legal term used to describe cases in which a person has been injured by another entity or person. Personal injury cases are typically based on claims of negligence. The defendant in personal injury cases is usually not blamed for malice, but rather carelessness or disregard for the safety of other people.

In pursuing an injury claim for personal injuries the victims of injuries seek to hold the people who caused them harm accountable for their actions and recover the damages they suffered.

What kinds of cases can be considered personal injury claims?

Personal injury claims are possible in cases of personal injuries caused by the negligence of an individual. There are a variety of circumstances that could become the focus of a claim.

The following kinds of incidents are considered as personal injury claims:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Dog bites
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Workplace injuries
  • Wrongful death

Personal Injury vs. criminal defense

There is a possibility for the same case to be the victim of a personal injury claim and a criminal defense case. In certain situations, such as in a instance of a drunk driving crash the negligence of the driver is considered to be criminal. However, personal injury and criminal defense claims are two distinct legal proceedings. If a personal injury case is successful, it will result in financial compensation for damages. Criminal cases are handled to seek some type of punishment that may include fines or jail time.

The Benefits to be Recovered Through Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim that is successful could result in a settlement, or a decision in the trial. A majority of cases are pursued to obtain compensation for injuries that have occurred. The compensation may be distributed in a lump sum or periodic payments, the intention is to reimburse victims for their current and future costs.

Plaintiffs of personal injury may be eligible to receive coverage for:

  • Medical bills
  • Transport costs
  • Lost Local Workers

In some instances, victims can receive the compensation they deserve for non-financial damage. Compensation for pain and suffering, and punitive damages are two types of compensation a victim may be entitled to. Since the effects of pain and suffering cannot be measured, juries or attorneys must try to reach the right amount. Punitive damages, meant to be a penalty for the defendant’s actions, are not common. In addition, compensation could be included in the settlement or verdict in extreme instances of negligence.

If you’ve suffered injuries as a result of another person’s negligence You may be entitled to compensation. For more information, call our office.

Personal injury lawyers are one, whose services are required for acquiring legal counsel for those who have been injured and assert that they have received physical or psychological injury. Personal injury lawyers must demonstrate that the client’s injuries were caused by incompetence or wrongdoing on the part of another other party. At times, it happens that physical or bodily harm is caused by a company or government agency or an entity of any other kind or type. Personal injury lawyers are usually highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields. They are also able to provide expert advice. Tort law is a specific legal area in which has more expertise than the public. The term is used to describe things like civil violations, economic, or non-economic damage that involves an individual or group, or their rights, or their reputation.

Area of work:

Personal injury lawyers, as we have already stated, are licensed to practice almost every legal field. They’re only allowed to handle cases that fall under Tort law. They work mostly with accidents, injuries to automobiles, other incidents, medical mistakes, defective products and slip-and-fall incidents. Sometimes, ‘Trial Lawyers’ phrase can also be used to refer to personal injury lawyers however, in the majority of cases, cases do not require going to trial. They’re settled before that. Once a case goes to trial, additional lawyers are involved and appear at the trial. This could include criminal prosecutors, attorneys representing the defendant, etc.


There are many responsibilities lawyers for personal injury have to perform, while serving his or her client(s). These responsibilities may include the ethical and professional standards such as codes, conduct and ethical guidelines set out by the state, or the bar association through which the attorney is licensed. Lawyers who have been licensed through a bar association in a state are legally authorized to participate in the filing of legal complaints, and argue cases in state courts. Lawyers are able to make legal documents, write and distribute legal documents to the victim(s) of personal injury.

A different term is used for these lawyers and that is a “Plaintiff’ lawyer, responsible for:

  • Interviewing prospective clients.
  • Examining their case(s), in order to determine the legal matter.
  • Identifying the specific issue(s) that are which is rooted in the overall issue of the plaintiff.
  • To create a better argument to make your case stronger, you must spend a lot of time researching every aspect.

The main responsibility of a lawyer could be to help plaintiffs obtain justice and compensation’ they may deserve, for the pain and loss they endured.

  • He should provide the appropriate advocacy or oral arguments, legal advice and client counseling.
  • The lawyer may also need to take the client’s case to court for trial in the event that a settlement cannot be reached.
  • Personal injury lawyers must adhere to all legal guidelines in dealing with clients.
  • These lawyers have a duty to treat their clients with respect and confidentiality as well as confidentiality, which is an additional obligation.
  • They should also safeguard the best interests and clients.

The guidelines can vary from state-to-state. Therefore, according to the most basic guidelines for conduct, attorneys must be skilled in assessing the legal matter(s) and exercise competence, no matter what legal matter he/she undertakes. It is possible to find a competent and qualified personal injury lawyer who can help you win your injury case(s). It is possible if you understand the fundamentals. “Compensation” is the final purpose of both the customer and his/her lawyer i.e. the financial protection following an injury and enabling the client the ability to recover fully which is the primary function of an attorney.

Why you should hire a personal injury lawyer on your side.

It can be complicated and hard to figure out if you are owed money settlement, or if your medical bills will be paid if you’ve suffered an injury.

  • The situation could become more complicated if your injury was severe and has left you permanently disabled.
  • An attorney for personal injuries can answer your concerns and assist you in determining what can be done for you in such an instance.
  • A lawyer can provide clarification on specific laws and advocate for you, by ensuring you follow the correct procedure.

It may be challenging to resolve an injury case without an attorney. Before making any decisions regarding your next steps, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney.

Access to an attorney for personal injury

  • Based on the circumstances an attorney for personal injuries can cost you a tiny amount or a lot.
  • A lot of firms or attorneys will only charge you if you win your case and are awarded a settlement.
  • Each lawyer has his or her own specified rates and guidelines, which must be analyzed prior to you hire an firm or attorney.
  • Although hiring a personal injury lawyer might be expensive take into consideration the costs of your injury without settlement for expenses for medical treatment, time away from work, etc.
  • Personal injury lawyers usually charge a portion of the amount you are entitled to. This makes the price flexible and may be used to suit your case.

If you employ a personal injury lawyer and discover that his or her performance isn’t up to scratch, there could be a possibility to end your agreement with the firm or attorney. The issue is based on the retainer or contract you sign with your attorney, and the laws that apply to your area.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney for You

Once you’ve made the decision to employ an attorney who specializes in personal injury You’ll likely wonder what to do to decide which attorney is best suited to take on your case.

Take into account the degree of your injury as well as what rights you might be entitled to.

  • What caused the injury?
  • Are you experiencing extreme physical pain?
  • Are you missing significant amounts of work and pay?

Be aware of the different personal injury attorneys within your local area and their specialties

It is important to consider the expertise that each lawyer has and then match their experience with the specific needs of your case.

Online reviews and reviews to evaluate the credibility of a certain firm or lawyer, and before you schedule an appointment, you can ask over the phone for any credentials or accolades that attorney has won.

  • Find an attorney for personal injury online
  • The internet makes it easy to find a personal injury lawyer near you.

Questions to ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are likely to be a lot of questions if you’ve been injured in an accident. There are medical bills and insurance issues physical rehabilitation, as well as the impact on your home and work life.

There’s also the legal aspect of things. A personal injury lawyer is recommended if you have a right to claim personal injury against the person who hurt you.

Sally Morin Personal injury Lawyers provides a no-cost consultation. We’re happy to answer any concerns. We’ve compiled the most important questions that you should ask your personal injury lawyer as you consider your choices.


This is the first thing you should ask a personal injury attorney. You should request an explanation of their charges and an estimate of what the case will be worth. While no exact figure can be given, a lawyer can estimate how much you can reasonably anticipate to receive from the settlement or court proceeding.

Most personal injury lawyers work working on a contingent fee. That means that if you don’t receive any money or compensation, your lawyer will not be paid. You shouldn’t be required to pay your attorney out in cash for any of the work done on your case in the event that you do not receive compensation.

The fee you pay your lawyer should be dependent on a certain percentage of the total settlement or judgment in your case. This should be stated in the attorney-client fee agreement that you sign. This is the norm for personal injury attorneys. It is suspect if an attorney did not offer the option of a contingent fee.

Most injury attorneys in California provide a claim such as “no cost, no recovery.” Beware! This doesn’t mean the services they offer are free. When you win your case, they’ll get a share of the settlement or the judgment.

Make sure to clarify the details with them. If your lawyer does not succeed in winning the case via a settlement or judgement then you shouldn’t expect to pay fees or case costs.

Remember that contingency fees can be a positive thing. They will keep your lawyer focused to win compensation of high value. Additionally, contingency fees are a crucial element of giving access to the courts for all.

A person who is seriously injured often suffers a significant loss of earnings due to being physically unable to perform their job. They may also have significant medical costs, which can result in the collection of bills by bill collectors in a rush to pay. A contingency arrangement stops them from owing money up front. This arrangement allows victims to pursue corporations, insurance companies, or negligent individuals for illegal acts that could otherwise be left unpunished.

Another important distinction. It could influence the amount you have to pay. Apart from the charges you might see in the contract, you may also owe case costs. These costs are usually separate from attorneys’ charges and may include costs out of pocket such as photocopying documents or hiring experts to testify.

A lawyer usually will cover these expenses until the finalization of your case and then you’ll have to pay them when you win. As you’re probably aware the costs associated with a case can be quite high so it’s essential to understand the costs associated with your case. may arise during your case.

Be aware of tricky fees and steer clear of any attorney who doesn’t clearly explain their fees. Certain personal injury lawyers will advertise that there is no cost in the event of a win, but they’ll ask you to pay for expert witnesses and other expenses that may arise, even if you lose.

Don’t be fooled by that. When you work with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers there is no charge for a dime unless you collect from your claim.


Here’s another good question to ask an attorney who handles personal injury cases about the potential financial outcome of your case. “Will I owe you money at the final?”

The most common worry of victims is that they’ll be more disadvantaged if they engage an attorney. Hiring a personal injury attorney is a daunting task and you don’t want to create more issues during a difficult time.

Cheesy billboards, wild promises, and “1-800-we’ll-get-you-a-million-dollars” accident attorneys have harmed the average person’s understanding of hiring a personal injury lawyer. It is possible to be concerned that the legal fees and expenses may be more expensive than a settlement or judgment.

You’re right to be concerned! A lot of lawyers will lie to you regarding their conditions of settlement. Ask them what happens when your case isn’t won. Ask prospective attorneys what they’d do if there were not enough funds to cover your legal fees, damages, and costs.

Find out whether an attorney is willing to collaborate on your behalf if you are owed significant amounts after the case concludes. Discuss any upfront fees or costs that may be billed regardless what the final outcome. Now’s the time for an open discussion about the scenarios that are most likely to occur.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers We aren’t a game and won’t try to convince you to sign something you don’t understand. It’s actually our goal to inform you fully about your options and our fees right from the beginning. If you have questions please ask!


Legal experts are the equivalent of general practitioners. They can handle all types of cases, including divorce and traffic tickets. It could be a profitable business, but it’s not always a good deal for their clients.

A lawyer who is experienced in the specific kind of case you’re dealing with is crucial. They require a lot of experience with the specifics of cases that are similar to yours, so they will be one step ahead of their adversaries and the large insurance companies.

Negotiation is an integral part of personal injury law. If your lawyer hasn’t had experience negotiating cases like yours, it’s unlikely that you’ll obtain a favorable result.

There are three components to the case that a lawyer needs to have an understanding of to manage your personal injury case:

  • Fault. Being able to effectively argue that the defendant was to blame requires experience with the type of personal injury cases they are litigating. An attorney with a specialization in cases involving product liability would not be qualified to argue a case involving traffic liability.
  • Injuries. An attorney must fully understand the type of injuries you have and has dealt with clients who have suffered injuries similar to these in the past.
  • Negotiation. An inexperienced attorney could make a personal injuries case worse than one that’s not up to par. They need to be able to compete with skilled defense attorneys and insurance adjusters who have handled dozens of these negotiations every day. Experience is crucial!

The location is also important when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. If you are seeking legal assistance, your lawyer should practice in the area that you sustained injuries. If you’ve suffered an injury in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle Do not employ an attorney from Seattle attorney to represent you.


This is the most important question to ask any personal injury lawyer you interview. The most frequent complaint attorneys receive from clients is that they don’t have access to their clients. They do not return calls or emails or, they just “disappear” for several months and leave the client to wonder what’s wrong with their case.

When you decide to hire an attorney for personal injuries, make sure you face the issue head-on. Also, learn how they communicate with you to ensure that you don’t get left behind. Ask them how accessible they will be. This is crucial!

Read their customer reviews and testimonials to see what their former clients say about how well they communicate about the process. Do clients say they felt educated and well-informed? Do they appear as if they have direct contact with their assigned lawyer?

If you are interviewing lawyers, make sure you ask the lawyers these questions as well. What do they respond to clients’ questions? Do you have one lawyer for the entire time? Are you able to contact your lawyer when you have urgent legal questions regarding your case? Communication with the attorney should be a top priority for your lawyer who handles injury cases.


The majority of accident cases don’t go to trial. Most of them do not require a lawsuit, as they can be resolved by working within the personal injury insurance claims procedure.

Certain injuries may require litigation and trial. They typically involve the most tragic scenarios when a person suffers a severe injury or died in an accident.

In those cases, it’s essential to hire an attorney who has trial and litigation experience. To get more than the typical settlement for personal injuries the attorney you choose may have to elevate your case to the next step. Therefore, you must ensure they’re competent and have the expertise to accomplish that.

Ask them about their experiences in trial, litigation and negotiation. Make sure you employ someone who is experienced in both settlements or judgments related to your specific case and kind of injury. Find a firm that’s suitable for your preferred style of conflict resolution and your risk tolerance.


It’s a reasonable request that a client could ask for. Personal injury lawyers aren’t allowed to give their contact details to previous clients due to confidentiality of attorney-client.

Instead, you can look up online reviews to find out what the opinions of clients are about the law firm or attorney. It may be an issue in the absence of many negative, or insufficient reviews from clients. It is important to read the reviews carefully to ensure that they are highlighting the best qualities of a personal injury lawyer.

Take a look at this client review. If you see reviews like these – that invite former clients to you to contact them to find out more about their experience in working with the law firm, this is a very good indication!

“If you’re someone who is thinking about hiring an attorney to handle a personal accident, I highly recommend Sally Morin and her professional team of lawyers. Contact me on Yelp to learn more about. Though I use Yelp quite often I don’t write reviews unless I am really impressed by the exceptional service (or angry at poor service). If I had to choose the possibility of a sixth star I’d certainly award it to Rebecca and Sally!”

There are thousands of personal injury attorneys in California and not all of them operate to the same standards of excellence. Many law firms are high-turnover and high volume. This means that they take on as many cases as possible and quickly settle them so that they can move onto the next case.

Sally Morin Personal Injury Attorneys doesn’t work in a high volume setting and treats each client with respect and care. We won’t pressure you to take a lower insurance company offer that won’t cover your medical bills. We’ll work with you to negotiate the most favorable bargain.


This is an important question to inquire about your personal injury attorney. There are many things you can do to increase the strength of your case or hurt it! – throughout the entire process. It could result in the addition or removal of the amount of money you pay for your case.

For instance, more cases are now destroyed by social media than at any time in history. Even people who are well-intentioned and want to vent on Facebook can have a negative impact on the settlement.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in a car accident You may wish to put your family and your friends at ease by posting on social media sites that you’re “doing well.” Nonetheless, that little bit of information could be used against you by the insurance company or opposing lawyer. They’ll make use of it to prove that you aren’t as severely injured as you claim to be.

It is essential to not post anything on social media about your case or discuss the case during litigation and insurance claims. Talk to your personal injury lawyer about what you can do for your claim in order to prevent reducing its value.


Although no lawyer can predict with 100% accuracy the time when all legal proceedings will be completed however, it’s not unreasonable to inquire about the length of time your case will be. It will be contingent on the way in which opposing counsel defends their client and what the insurance company does.

If things go well, most cases are resolved swiftly. Negotiations may be difficult in certain situations, and no one wants to accept compromise. Sometimes the insurance company can remain stubborn and insist you go to the court to claim compensation for your injuries.

There could be delays in settling a court case due to medical examinations or paperwork collection, as well as expert testimony. Your case will have many elements that affect the timeframe. This is why it is important to consider adding it to your list of top questions to ask the personal injury attorneys you are interviewing.

Of course, patience pays off in personal injury cases! It is possible to be rewarded for your patience if able to accept some uncertainty and delays in the course of the case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Tips and Tips

What is a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you with your personal injury case in Manhattan, NYC

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 35 million Americans visit emergency rooms in hospitals each year due to injuries. The majority of these injuries are caused by an accident at work, an automobile accident, or negligence. Victims may face high costs for medical treatment and loss of wages. They might also be suffering in pain and suffering. In certain cases, they might even be permanently disabled.

In these situations, you may need to make an insurance claim or file a lawsuit. This is not something you can handle yourself. You’ll have peace of assurance that the most reliable lawyer for personal injuries will safeguard your rights, allowing you to concentrate on recovering and live your life as you always have.

Find the top workers compensation lawyers, personal injury lawyers and determined disability lawyers in one location. Pyrros & Serres LLP is an attorney firm that is highly rated that has years of experience in dealing with similar cases as yours.

Hire the Best Workers’ Comp Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Every year, thousands of New Yorkers are victims of injuries or illnesses that occur in the workplace. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandated by law in New York for employers. Employees who suffer injuries on the job can get this coverage to pay for their medical expenses in addition to a portion of the wages they lost. Workers’ compensation benefits are offered for certain ailments and diseases if they are associated with the job.

Pyrros & Serres LLP will provide a no-cost evaluation of your workers’ compensation situation. We will also be able to help in submitting your claim. We will review the details and assist you in determining whether further lawsuits are a possibility to collect damages. We will defend your workers compensation claim against any entity that denies it.

Pyrros & Serres LLP can help you find an Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you’re not able to work for 12 months or more because of an illness or condition that is physical or mental or injury, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Many conditions qualify however, unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not always accept valid claims. Many applicants decide to employ an experienced disability lawyer to help them with their claims.

There are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. If your case doesn’t satisfy these conditions, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be an option.

There are a few conditions and injuries that may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

  • Infections or diseases like chronic migraines, cancer heart failure, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, stroke and diabetes.
  • Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) schizophrenia, depression and other mental disorders
  • Amputations, paralysis, spine cord damage and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are all instances of accidents-related injuries.

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