Artificial Flowers: The Difference

Stunning Realism

Blush Rose is well known for their exquisitely realistic Christmas trees. Our site opens to another tab where we showcase our dedication to excellence and precision in crafting artificial flowers of exceptional quality and color, hand painted using high-end materials to guarantee authentic quality and color, bouquets hand assembled using care to include various elements of foliage–you might find your guests sniffing your arrangements as they’re that lifelike! Don’t be surprised if guests try sniffing your floral arrangements–they look that real. Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co., Ltd is located within one of China’s premier artificial wedding flowers production centers: Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co. Ltd is home to an abundance of artificial flowers for from this website production needs and more than two decades of expertise make us one of the Click here top local producers and wholesalers.

A Variety of Options

Blush Rose provides an expansive yet carefully-selected selection of artificial flower arrangements. Choose from different kinds of blooms and foliage in multiple color palettes for stunning displays that fit any personal style or theme seamlessly. Plus, our team of professional designers collaborate on developing unique collections and products.

Hassle-free Decorating

Many of our top artificial flowers come in sets, making it easy to design an eye-catching centerpiece with ease. Choose from our matching selection of wreaths, arrangements, garlands hangers, windowsockets and potted leaves to match any style you have selected in your living spaces. Mix and match collections that share similar hues for an exclusive look every year or select colors that complement one another for something truly original! For even easier decorating our garland and wreath hanger hooks come complete with ties so they’re simple ways of showing off all your Blush Rose fake foliage!

Outdoor-Safe Options

Our outdoor greenery and wreaths create a relaxing space in any patio, porch or backyard with our Outdoor-Safe Foliage. Clicking open this link takes you directly to our page featuring UV treated foliage that provides maximum protection from elements allowing your artificial flower arrangements to last outside for three months or more!

Easy Storage

At Blush Rose, we understand the importance of proper maintenance and storage solutions made from robust materials to maintain artificial plants and flowers in top condition and beauty. Our storage solutions come equipped with easy solutions. Each item is meticulously designed to protect artificial foliage from dirt, animals and sun exposure that could compromise their quality over time. Choose between wreath bags of various sizes that ensure comfortable fitting as well as topiary bags that roll easily for transport and upright storage. Greenery Storage Containers and Bags make storing Blush Rose artificial florals simple and secure until it is time to display again. Their superior design and top-grade construction make this investment worth making for your holiday decorating needs.

Why are Artificial Flowers Better?

Effortless elegance

Natural leaves offer timeless appeal that transcends any design trend, pairing perfectly with any theme or decor style for each season.

Low Maintenance

Artificial plants and flowers require little upkeep; just follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep them looking their best year round. From topiary to potted, your artificial topiary and flowers will stay looking lovely all year long!

Highly Realistic

Our potted artificial flower arrangements and topiaries are created using the same high standards and attention to detail found in our artificial Christmas trees, creating striking similarities with real blooms.


Our foliage designed specifically for outdoor use features UV protection to extend their colors over time. Keep topiary trees and potted flower arrangements looking beautiful by only displaying them for three months of the year.

Easy Decorating

Make decorating easy from year to year using Blush Artificial Roses and flowers, prearranged in beautiful containers ready to complement any type of greenery in your home decor.

How Do You Decorate with Artificial Potted Flowers and Topiaries?

Doors and Entryways

Create an eye-catching entrance for your home by planting two identical trees around its frontage as an eye-catching frame, placing them near entrances for an elegant welcome all year long.

Outdoor Areas

Enhance the appearance of your patio, porch and garden by using professionally designed topiaries in potted forms to adorn outdoor areas. At nighttime, string lights illuminate this visual masterpiece for added ambience.

Fireplace Mantel

Consider revitalizing your fireplace mantel decor with potted planters as part of an upgrade. Place two plants at either end to frame the room, or place one centrally as a focal point in the room; other accents, such as an framed mirror, painting, or photo can then be added as desired.


Add artificial potted plants to your decor by placing several on a tabletop. Place houseplants as small potted arrangements instead of floral arrangements on console or desk tables for an inviting environment or place them near an open window to give the appearance of sunlight reaching them and blooming them into life.