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Hospital Newborn Portraiture

Our professional Bella Baby Photography team travels to hospitals across the country to capture your baby’s first moments in a natural and artistic way. Photographs can be taken in a variety of creative and safe poses. This creates a memorable experience for all members of the family.

Bella Baby photographers capture the beauty of this scene using props such as special wraps, hats and other items that families bring home, natural light, and professional-grade digital cameras.

  • We love photographing newborns, but that’s not all we love
  • Using a photojournalistic/magazine-style approach to photography, our photographers can come to your home
  • You can use an approved setting (or your own) to capture family milestones and special events, or to simply freeze a moment in time.


Even though there was so much going on in the past year, we will never fully appreciate all of the sacrifices made by nurses. Bella Baby Photography recognizes nurses every day, not just during National Nurses Appreciation Week.

It is hard to overstate the importance of nurses for newborns in their first few days. Nurses are not only there to support new mothers during and after labor, but also provide care and comfort for their newborns.

Bella Baby Photography loves working with nurses. We understand how vital they are.

We don’t know how many times we’ve seen nurses jump through hoops. They are amazing at taking care of their patients. Bella Baby Photography is grateful to all nurses for their amazing care. They give their time and effort every day to help others in more ways that we can count.

  • My journey to motherhood was a difficult one
  • We tried almost everything to get pregnant, and we had just lost another baby a few months ago.
  • What began as joy soon turned to sorrow. My baby died at 5 weeks.
  • These words are a delight to hear Bella Baby Photography

How can we deal with the loss of another child? It is heartbreaking. We felt all the emotions associated with such a devastating loss and went to the next appointment for an ultrasonography before the baby was taken. Both sadness and anxiety filled us.

All of their sadness was replaced by joy when they discovered our baby’s heartbeat. Was that what you said? Our baby is healthy and thriving! Our baby is healthy and thriving. Weeping tears of sadness are replaced with tears of joy and love.

However, moving forward was not an easy task. I lost more than 50 pounds during my pregnancy. Both gestational diabetes as well as hypertension were my issues. Both mentally and physically it was tormenting.

We were finally ready to give birth to our baby. Pitocin was administered to me and I attempted vaginally for three days. My cervix only reached 5 cm. After all the labor, I had to have an emergency csection.

It would be an understatement to say that this pregnancy was fraught with anxiety. It was a difficult period in our lives, both mentally and physically. My journey to motherhood was not without my husband’s support.

All moms who are going through Bella Baby Photography difficult times, I urge you to keep moving forward. The end result was/was amazing, regardless of what we had to go through. Our beautiful baby boy is held in our arms.