Construction of batting cages for national cricket. Full design and build of steel cricket net cages. Available in single or multi-lane cricket cage areas. Height up to 3.66m high x 3.66m wide Available in custom sizes Installation includes groundwork for sockets. Renovations and extensions. Service nationwide (mainland only).


For schools and clubs, we offer steel cricket cage batting area design and fabrication. We offer a full range of single and multiple lane cricket cages. You have the option of standard steel freestanding or in-ground batting enclosures, as well as expandable and mobile cricket nets.

Batting enclosures that are fully netted have 16z cricket netting. This is specifically for cricket use. You have the option of anti-litter skirts or canvas blinkers to cover your entire roof. If required, netting can be removed and fully sewn.

Standard heights and widths are 3.66m. Custom-built lengths can be made to your specifications. Customised cages. Existing cage dimensions.

We offer two types of cages for schools and smaller clubs. Steel singles and doubles, both freestanding and fixed in the ground. Ground sockets are required for fixed in ground cricket cages. Freestanding cages are a standalone frame that can be used for practical purposes.

Steel cricket cages are made with 16z cricket netting, which is heavy duty and durable. Completely covered with anti litter skirts and canvas blinkers. If required, netting can be removed and fully sewn.

Standard heights and widths are 3m and 3.66m, respectively. Custom-built lengths can be made to your specifications. Freestanding net cages made to order

Artificial non-turf cricket pitches are available for professional use by schools, universities and local authorities. For grading to professional specifications, hardcore and crushed aggregate dynamic bases are suitable. Multi-lane bowling and batting practice wicket pitches. Construction of single-lane public cricket pitches.

We have a collection of pitch construction examples that we have previously built for schools, universities, and cricket clubs. The pitch is a combination of test and match pitches, which are artificial and match-playable. It also serves as batting practice area for professional cricket. Steel net cages and batting practice pitches are available for residential use. Our years of experience in building municipal cricket pitches can be used by schools to build strong, manageable school pitches for senior and junior players. Nationwide estimates are available.

For customised, rennovated or replacement cricket equipment, we offer a nationwide installation and build service. For most projects, a large selection of standard heavy-duty cricket items is available. Custom design and manufacturing are also possible. As required, equipment assembly and ground work are done. Services in electrical and drainage. Groundwork, pitch care, and installation.