FAQ: Car Accidents

Q: What happens if I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of my accident. Can I still recover damages?

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It all depends on where the accident took place. Some states allow you to not buckle up, which can reduce or negate any damages compensation. This is because people are more likely to sustain severe injuries if they don’t wear seat belts. This is not always true in other states. Your attorney will be able to tell you the laws in your state and advocate for your right of recovery.

Q: Do I have to give my medical records to an insurance adjuster for another driver?

Absolutely not. You should not sign medical record releases unless you are in a limited situation and have spoken with a qualified personal injuries trial lawyer. Your case could be damaged if your medical information is disclosed to an insurance adjuster. A lawyer can help you ensure that you only disclose the necessary information and at the most appropriate time to support your case.

Q: Will I need to go to court if I file a personal injuries claim?

If the insurance company of another driver agrees to pay your attorney’s estimate of your case, and you are willing to settle for that amount then your case won’t go to court. In most cases, this is the case. Some cases, however, may require a formal trial because of irresolvable insurance company disputes. It is crucial to hire a law firm that has experience in handling personal injuries cases.

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Q: Do I need to see a doctor if I don’t feel hurt from an auto accident?

After an accident, both you and your passengers may want to see a doctor. Sometimes, serious injuries may be recognized by the doctor. Your insurance may cover the cost of a doctor’s visit or medical treatment. You should not settle any accident claims until you have been examined by a doctor and informed about the extent of your injuries.

Q: What happens if I believe that the accident in which I was involved was at least partially my fault?

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It’s unlikely that you are in a position to determine the cause or how the accident occurred. An accident can be caused by defective equipment, malfunctioning traffic signals, or intoxication. Your attorney will investigate these possibilities and help you evaluate them. At trial, you may be accused of accepting blame and apologizing for the actions of another driver. It is up to the judge or jury who will decide who is to blame.

Q: If my memory of the accident is now conflicting with what I may have said at that time, can I still win my case?

It is very common for witnesses to make statements about an incident at the scene that are later found out to be incorrect. Sometimes witnesses may incorrectly state what you said about the incident. Although you might find it difficult to explain why you remember certain things differently now than you did in the beginning, an attorney can help you get support.

Q: My car was involved in an accident, and my airbags didn’t work. Can I sue the car manufacturer?

It depends on many factors. An attorney is recommended. An attorney will inspect the airbags in your vehicle and, with the help of an engineer determine the conditions under which they were supposed to deploy. You may be able to bring a lemon law or product liability claim against the manufacturer if the accident caused the airbags to fail.

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Q: I am unsure if I should file a suit or let the insurance company handle it. Is there a place I can get help?

Although it is common for insurance companies to settle and have lawyers come to an agreement, every accident is different. This can make it difficult to determine the extent of your injuries, medical records, witness testimony, expert testimony, photographic evidence and witness testimony. To navigate the legal complexities, you may need to have a competent lawyer by your side. It’s a smart idea to contact a local car accident attorney if you have any questions or doubts about your case.