Gene Johnson Plumbing: Advice That Leads

To Profit Two years ago, we held a Business Makeover Contest. Gene Johnson Plumbing, Seattle, Washington was the winner of our Business Makeover contest. Kimberly Kean, Dennis Hamon and their siblings-in-law welcomed me warmly. We went through their finances, looked at operations, and then asked the big question: “What do you really, truly want?”

We created a simple plan in just one day. This is what business planning does: it helps you clarify your goals and take the right actions. I was curious to see how Gene Johnson’s team was doing.

Kimberly and I met at a Blue Collar Coaching event where I was presenting. She was stunning and thrilled to share how Dennis and her team were doing. She said, “We’ve had some really breakthroughs.” What we really wanted was a company that worked; one that was profitable and that offered great careers for our employees and best care for customers. That’s what we have now!

Kimberly and I spoke on the phone later. Kimberly said, “My outside now matches mine.” When I first came to work, I used to smile. “I am now happy inside.”

It’s a beautiful thing to say! Gene Johnson Plumbing was encouraged to tell me more.

“We are making more than ever before. We have earned more in this year than we did the previous 14 years. Kimberly stated that the money allows us to spend the time necessary to build the business. We were always in constant crisis mode when we were financially strapped. Dennis would sell in a flash and we would be able to make it through the next day. Our stress levels have been greatly reduced by our profitability.

Kimberly has also discovered the freedom and time that proper delegation can bring. “I used to do all the accounting. She said that if I was sick or went on vacation, everything would be waiting for me when I returned. “Now I have accounting procedures and our amazing office team takes care of data entry. This allows me to focus on other projects and keep our business plan current.

Kimberly and Dennis are always learning and growing. Bill Buckingham, South West Plumbing, is one of their friendly competitors and very successful. Kimberly said, “Bill once said to me, ‘Do enough good things. This is what makes you wealthy. It’s more than one thing. I have discovered that it is one thing and then another. You really start to gain momentum when they all add up.

Kimberly stated, “We have a great team.” Kimberly said, “I would be proud of sending any of our techs into your home if needed.”

Gene Johnson Plumbing is making dreams come true. It is time for mentors to be mentees. Dennis and Kimberly agreed to consult with me on the PHC Business Makeover winner’s next project.