Top tips for law firm marketing

Many people are better qualified than we to offer advice on running a successful law practice and how to deliver better services to clients. We can even point you in the right direction of a marketing for law firms if you need it.

We can provide qualified and proven advice in the marketing area, especially online marketing. It is often surprising to see how many law firms don’t pay enough attention to marketing. No matter whether you’re a solo practitioner or a full-service law firm with national reach. You need to be visible and instantly appealing, shouting about your superior service over the rest.

Marketing for the legal sector can be different from marketing for other businesses. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking for help. Below, we have provided targeted marketing tips for lawyers to help you maximize your time and resources.

You can specialize in one area of law

Recently, we spoke to a Partner at a law firm that specializes in corporate law. A client, a director of a company, was talking to him and asked if he could be referred by the firm to have a conversation about his will. The reply was “That would be me,” followed by the obvious response “I thought that you were specialised in corporate legal .”

This exchange shows that you can easily dilute your expertise by trying to be everything to everyone. You should be focusing on one area of expertise and promoting it on your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This will help clients and potential instructing agents to know you are a thought leader. You can also get ranked in the top legal directories as a leading attorney in your area of expertise and be nominated for the specialist categories at the awards.

Keep in touch with your current clients

Don’t forget to reach out to existing clients before you go out looking for new clients. These are people who know you well, trust you and send you work. To add value to the relationship, it’s worth getting to know them well. Be more than their lawyer. You can generate more business instructions by positioning yourself as an indispensable business adviser.

Design a website for your law firm that is effective

A website is essential to your marketing success, whether you’re starting a new practice or joining an established law firm. Your website can become your most effective salesperson if it is well-designed and supported. It will also help you establish key stakeholders as thought leaders among existing clients and potential instructing agents. Your website should clearly showcase your expertise and niche. If you offer multiple services in your area of law, make sure to clearly outline them.

Content is key to building your credibility

Next, make sure your website is working for you. Writing about a topic is a great way to build your authority and generate more business. Engaging clients and instructing agents with relevant, unique content will allow you to build a strong relationship. This will transform your website’s service section and profile into a portal of thought leadership, opinion and insight.

Do not be afraid to give free information

You could, for example, create a whitepaper or guide on your expertise that you can make available on your website as well as to your LinkedIn connections. This activity doesn’t devalue your expertise and experience. This type of activity can help you to establish a position as thought leader and connect with potential instructing agents.

Create a social media presence

Social media has been used for marketing since its inception in the early 2000s. However, many have doubted its effectiveness as an effective marketing tool. Many law firms that we visit still feel social media isn’t right for them. It could be too informal, too risky, too difficult to reach a target audience, or it might not be suitable for them.

How do you market your law firm?

Cleaning up client contact lists, updating your website, creating a presence on social networking sites, organizing events, chasing down the printer for new letterheads… A law firm marketer’s day can be never boring and never ends. Our advice to anyone just starting out is to choose one thing that you can do well and get it right. Next, move on to the next. If your database is not in order, it is pointless to create an email campaign.

Don’t try to measure it if it isn’t possible

Online marketing has the advantage of being transparent, trackable, and immediate. We can tell our clients every month how many enquiries their website generated, conversion rate, cost per inquiry, etc. This is not always true for traditional offline marketing activities.