Roark Family Health: Certificates with Dr. Roark

Roark Family Health will receive your forms and a staff member will schedule a TeleHealth visit with the doctor.

For TeleHealth conferences, patients will require a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection. The patient will be emailed an invitation to their appointment and, if needed, a consent form online. Click OK on the link to connect the patient with Dr. Roark Family Health. The patient’s medical history and questions will be reviewed during the visit. The telehealth visit will involve payment.

Dr. Roark Family Healthwill offer after-hours and lunchtime appointments to meet the needs of patients.

Although patients won’t be able apply for medical marijuana cards online until July 4, the Department of Health and Senior Services website will allow them to do so. However, doctors must see patients within 30 day of applying online. Patients are waiting in line to have this part done before they can apply, which means Roark Family Health is extremely busy.

In July 2018, Dr. Roark hired her first assistant physician. Roark Family Health’s Dr. Paul Hannam is originally from Carmel, Indiana.

Dr. Mohit Sharma (MD) joined Roark Family on May 9, this year.

Dr. Sharma and Dr. Hannam are unable to do medical marijuana certification appointments. However, they can take other types of appointments.

Dr. Roark stated, “Dr. Sharma will take over all of our acute care visits, regular DOT physicals, foster care physicals, and all other non-member tech services that we offer.”

The Department of Health states that a physician cannot have any restrictions on their license. Unfortunately, Dr. Hannam, Dr. Sharma, and Dr. Sharma are assistant physicians since they haven’t completed residency. A physician who has any restrictions on their license cannot complete these certifications, just like a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. That’s it.

After patients’ applications have been approved by DHSS Dr. Sharma or Dr. Hannam can consult with patients regarding medical marijuana treatment. But, this is still some way off.

Dr. Sharma stated, “I’m very excited about joining the community. Missouri is now my home and I am looking forward to this next chapter of my life. “I hope to make Missouri my home.”

Dr. Sharma, originally from India and a Michigan native, attended American University of Antigua School of Medicine. Before joining Roark Family Health, he was employed at Webb City Community Clinic- Ozark Community Hospital. Dr. Sharma is still waiting for a match to a residency in family medicine or internal medicine.

He said, “It is a blessing to be able to continue my involvement in the medical profession as an assistant physician in Missouri.” It is also an honor to serve the poor, who are often overlooked due to lack of or type of insurance.