Summer Photography a medium of communication. Your images should tell the story about summer and your feelings. Consider what summer means for you and try to capture it in your photos.

Summer photography can be defined as picnics, beach building, driving with the top down, and Frisbee playing with your dog. Are you thinking of blue skies and blazing heat or cornfields? Summer is a time for family fun, like fishing, swimming in the lake and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Is it ice cream, flip-flops, or soaking up the cool air-conditioning at the mall?

All of these activities can be transformed into images that capture summer’s mood. It is important to personalize your images and only photograph those subjects that you feel represent summer.


Canada is where I live. Winter paints everything black and white, creating a colorless landscape. Every year, summer is a joy because of the rich, saturated colors it brings. It’s already summertime by using bright, strong colors in your photos. You can also tell summer stories by choosing the right colors. Color choice can affect the mood of an image. Warm colors remind us of the summer heat.

Warm tones or bright reds, oranges, and yellows can give your photographs a warm feel. Cool colors can be used to create a sense of relaxation. A swimming pool’s blue can be used to help the viewer visualize the healing power of cold water.

It is important to choose colour carefully so that your message stands out. A beach towel made of orange can make the sand appear hotter than one made from purple. A blue patio umbrella can make the shade appear cooler than a red one.

Avoid Harsh Light 

Summer photography is best when it is bright and sunny. Summer Photography people during the day can cause dark shadows to form on their faces and make them squint when they look into the sun. You can avoid this by moving people to the shade in order to photograph them. If the shot is being posed you can also use a diffuser. A diffuser is simply translucent material that scatters light rays. Diffusers can reduce harsh shadows and glare. Diffusers reduce unattractive contrast and bring out the beauty of an image.