Unsecured Cargo Truck Accidents – Things To Know

Two thirds of crashes actually happen because items fall from vehicles because of unsecured loads and improper maintenance. The truck drivers causing these accidents due to unsecured cargo can be liable when their actions lead to injuries just like those drivers that cause accidents because of distracted driving.

When unsecured cargo truck accidents happen, unthinkable damage can appear. It is very important to contact a truck accident attorney when this happens so you can receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Common Fallen Or Unsecured Cargo

There is a high possibility you saw mattresses, boxes, and several other larger items on the road. Such roadside litter most likely comes from truck cargo and simply fell because of being improperly secured.

The very common fallen truck cargo includes:

  • Household goods like mattresses or furniture
  • Raw materials like sheet metal or lumber
  • Car parts like drive shafts or tires

A large part of your claim will be to identify the exact cargo type that led to the accident.

Unsecured Cargo Accidents – Types

When thinking about unsecured cargo accidents, we do not take into account just objects that fall from the truck. The improperly secured cargo turns the entire truck into a road hazard. The vehicle is imbalanced and much more likely to end up in an accident. As a result, you should be aware of the following examples of truck accidents caused by the negligent actions of the people responsible for handling the cargo, including securing it:

  • Cargo that is not properly secured will start to shift around. This creates a mass that is ideal for rollovers. Strong winds can become the only momentum needed for cargo to move the entire truck onto the side.
  • When the semi-truck skids out or makes a very sudden turn, unsecured cargo can swing against the truck’s tailor. This causes the trailer to hinge hard and can actually spin the truck around.
  • Cargo that falls from the vehicle is something we already discussed. The cause is very common in truck accidents and the reason why it appears is simply that cargo was not properly loaded. Materials can fall and hit oncoming cars.
  • Items that fall on the road from a truck instantly become road hazards. When there is no motorist around, nothing happens. However, when one appears, the big object is a serious hazard that can easily take drivers unaware.
  • Seeing something fall from a truck in itself can become a problem. The other drivers might try to avoid unexpected flying cargo, which leads to sudden swerving. This action can lead to hitting another motorist. Drivers can get frightened and start slamming their breaks, which can lead to rear-end collisions.

Final Thoughts

When people think about truck accidents, they naturally think about collisions. These types of accidents are common but this does not mean we should not also take into account the accidents caused by cargo-related problems.

Unfortunately, in most cases, investigating such crashes is quite difficult. A serious investigation is needed to prove that cargo handling was the cause of your injuries. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to help you file a successful injury claim.